I was wandering around at a local market in Baluchistan, on the border of Iran and Pakistan, when I noticed a man that struck my interest. He looked so peaceful with his white turban, sitting on the ground of his son’s market stall, who was selling textiles. Our eyes crossed. I wanted to approach him, curious as I was to hear his story. However, I could not find the words to start a conversation, as I did not speak any Persian nor did the man speak a word of English. I ended up showing him the photos I took while traveling his beautiful country, Iran. It was a beautiful moment of interaction through photography.

To me, that is the essence of photography. One photo can be everything you need to tell a powerful story that crosses languages, borders and barriers. It is such a powerful medium that has allowed me to communicate and connect with people all around the world.

Welcome on my website. My name is Mike and I’m a photographer. I have been traveling pretty much my whole life. First as a track & field athlete going around the globe for training camps and international competitions, after that as a traveler. Photography has driven me to always keep exploring and meet new people. I hope my photos will inspire you to do the same.

As much as I like to travel, I like to meet new people. So don’t hesitate to drop me a note for collaborations, prints, or any questions that you might have.